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Company presentation

            Founded in 2001, TELECOMPONENTI ROMANIA was ment to be the front line representant of an Italo- Romanian investors group having a large experience in producing goods for  Energy fields, well-known all over the World and mostly around Europe.  
All products we provide today, have passed the comprehensive test certifications of the Romanian, Italian, German specialized Institutes, complying with all European and non European requested standards.
Our parteners are recognized in Italy, as providers for prestigious companies such as  ENEL, ITALGAS
TELECOM ITALIA, FERROVIE ( Italian Railways), as well as for other large companies troughout the World, huge investors in energy, telecomunications, gas lines si railways fields.

TELECOMPONENTI ROMANIA is accredited in Romania and Bulgaria by the most important companies, for comercializing components and accesoriesused in high and low voltage electric grids, telecomunication networks, railways and gas lines.

TELECOMPONENTI ROMANIA Ltd, through the group manufaturers it represents, offers to its clients a large scale of services and products as following:
- Design, marketing and manufacture of modular components for bio cogeneration plants,
- Design, manufacture and installation of components for photovoltaic, solar warming, wind mills and geothermic equipments,
- Design, manufacture and commercialise of components for electricity grids, copper and optical fibre telecommunication networks, railways electricity networks, gas ducts equipments,
- Design, manufacture and installation of energy saving equipments. 


- Control and measurement devices,
- Stationary batteries,
- Ecological  (electric) vehicles,
- Copper wires and optical fibre, along with
- Muffles and terminals,
- High and medium voltage pile suspended grids, consoles and terminal,
- Silicon insulators used in high and medium voltage transmission grids,
- Passage and Resin insulators
- High and medium voltage polymeric surge arresters,
- High seismic resistance concrete cabins,  
- Medium voltage resin and oil transformers,
- Voltage and Current transformers (VT & CT),
- Electricity generators and cogeneration generators,
- Safety devices and components for primary and secondary stations,
-  MT / BT Frames for substations and Nuclear plants,
- Polyester containers for electric , telecommunications and gas networks,
- Nominal voltage switches (125/180/250/380),
- Instruments for copper and optical cabling,
- Work place Safety measures accessories.

Parts and accessories for Railways
- Cables, separators, arresters, terminals, transformers TA and TV, mono phase transformers, lighting piles, grates, panels, doors, enclosures, high resistance  plastic platforms.

Telecommunications components and accessories
- Frames, enclosures, muffles, optical splitters, connectors.



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